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Remember Me 

The inception of this single started with a suggestion from De Holley to Michael Bates to listen to one of our all time favorites Sly Stone. Michael Bates was inspired by the music, the style, the feeling, and the overall mood that you get from listening to some of Sly and The Family Stone’s music. Michael; taking that inspiration and style and inputting the current mood and spirit of 78 Records Music and Film Projects into the music, started the process of recording each instrument one by one, from drums, bass guitars, and keys, to create something that can speak from the heart, and to the hearts of people. 


De Holley  started the overall theme of “Remember Me”  Artist and creative people draw on their experiences to deal with them; at the same time, this “ dealing with them”  fuels creativity. On a long and stressful car journey across states, the collaboration began from the lyrical and melodical  start of De Holley to bring this track to life. 


Drawing on real life, real situations, and being able to talk about the pain that these situations cause; Holley and Bates were able to write, record, and to put together a single that parallels not only their lives, but the lives of many.  Through it all “ Will You Remember Me?”

De Holley

"Emotionally Unavailable" 

"Outstanding Project, what else can I say." 

"If you like the Funk Styles of Prince, The Time, and the whole Minneapolis scene, you will love and appreciate what De Holley has done with this work"

With new projects in the making, and an all new

venture that has taken decades to develop; stay tuned! 

De Holley has been on the music scene for a long time now. With performances and studio recordings going back to the influential era of '78. This is the time when the performing artist emerged. Doing neighborhood talent shows, and performing the songs of very early influences like, The Beatles, Aerosmith, James Brown, and The Jackson 5, to name a few.

The High School band of Jack Yates in Houston in the early and mid 80's was a powerhouse of talent. Holley met up with like minded musicians and singers to form at that what was know as The Garage Band, NU Wave.

Nu Wave won numerous talent shows performing the music that they loved. The funk styles of Minneapolis. 

Holley later formed rap duo "J & DE" who toured with Ice Cube, YoYo, and Chubb Rock. After a period of writing, De Holley decided to go back to what he loves most; singing, recording, creating, performing live music, as was the primary influence from Minneapolis.

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