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Michael Bates
Walk In Faith

Please Listen, download for free, and share with whomever you like! 


Once we accept Christ as Savior, God begins to place His Files and Folders within us through the Holy Spirit. He gives us access to all the right information, and right on time to guide us through this life by His Wisdom.


Jesus IS

Through Faith, Seeking and Studying; Jesus will uncover who He is to us, as much as our finite minds will accept. We won't know Him in His Fullness until we pass on from this life to the next. However, He has already given us enough if we seek to know Him today.

3. Pass Me Not 

My second all time favorite hymn written by Fanny Crosby 

4. Walk In Faith

Walk In Faith and not by sight. Step by step it will be alright. When you know Who carries you, it's your faith that will bring you through. 

5. In This Moment

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is unsure. What we do have that we can reach and grasp, is this present moment. There is peace and joy in this moment. Here and now something special can take place. If you want to make changes in your life, do it now in this present moment. 

6. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross

7.  The Path You Choose

My favorite hymn of all time, written by Fanny Crosby. When faced with circumstances, not knowing what to do, or say, doing nothing sometimes is doing something. In taking a pause and a breath, these old hymns would seemingly come from deep within and God would give me direction and meet my needs in many situations.

Your path may be the one that you and most people would not likely choose. It's not most common, or popular at all. In fact there may be no one going in that direction.  You may have to lose some things and feel lost to realize that you are not lost but found. Just glad to be walking with both feet on the ground.

8. Teach The Children ( To Love The Father)

Relationships start and unfortunately sometimes they end. Don't use the kids to turn your hurt on him.  You have the kids, at least you can be friends. You say you love God, so teach the children, to love their own earthly father too.  Teach The Children. 

God's Drummer
Bryon Michael

Bryon Michael is a very loving, gifted, and energetic child of God, who has been blessed with tremendous drumming and rhythmic capabilities. Bryon Michael;

a nonverbal child with Down syndrome, (Trisomy 21) has been an inspiration to his parents, his family, and everyone he meets. 

Bryon has taught me many lessons in his young life. These lessons come from God through Bryon and he has a Word from God for everyone he meets. You may ask, " how so if he is non verbal?" 

He will have so much to tell you and share with you in his own way; if only you listen. 

Walk In Faith Album is released on April 15, 2022.  If you decide to download from your normal channels, 100% of proceeds will go to Bryon's further education and development.  Thank You! God Bless!

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