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Llondy B is first and foremost Christian. God, Faith,Church & Family is Very Important to Llondy.


Llondy wants to let the world know how inspirational this song has been for her. 
( He Wants It All- By: Forever Jones.) Londy performs with the Dance Ministry of Breath of Life Seventh Day Adventist Church in Memphis, TN.


Llondy plans to donate net proceeds for the purchase of this song to St Jude Children's Research Hospital. " St Jude took great care of my little brother when he was very sick as a baby. With so much going on in the world now. I wanted to do something to give back, " says Llondy. 

Through church participation, getting to know God, and the blessing of music; God’s Word can Speak to, Inspire, and motivate, His children; regardless of age. 

“ When I asked Llondy what her favorite song was she said, HE WANTS IT ALL.” It is such a blessing for me as her dad to know this. With so many influences, in the world, and with so many worldly songs she could have chosen, she chose this song.”  I was tremendously moved by this.  My favorite song has always been. JESUS KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS.” God’s word in Music will carry us through many situations, keep us and guide us through.”  Michael Bates 

“ I want to thank my mom for taking me to church, and my dad for his love and support” Llondy B

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