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Michael Bates aka Chuck B, or Chuck Bates is an artist, producer, musician & songwriter originally from Houston, Texas. The beginnings of musical experience start very young in school band, and church.  In HIgh School , there came the  garage band era,  performing in the Houston area with  artist and producer, John Broussard (JAB Productions Entertainment) , De Holley, Craig Rucker, & Clifton Clark as the core group.  Michael draws from Influences across many genres of music and across many decades; from the roots of funk, rock and soul;  Michael’s sound has been described as Soulful, a bit of R & B, Funky, and Inspirational as well. Michael Also released an EP as “ “ Chuck B” in 2018 “ Dreams Never End” This was a pivotal point for Michael with the message to himself and  others to “use your talents,your means, and skills right where you are today. No need to wait to become a better musician, singer, or wait for better equipment or bigger opportunities. Create something and do what you do now today.”

One Small Anchor
Michael Bates| Teach The Children
Teach The Children To Love The Father
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & More
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates| 78 Records Music & Mo
Michael Bates One Small World

Teach the children to love the father.

“Relationships start, but sometimes they end; you have the kids, at least you can be friends. Keeping their lives, and best interest at heart; you must do this, even though it ends.” Dad will love them and meet all of their needs, teach them to love, and then wait and see.” 

Sometimes, relationships end after there are the blessings of a child or children that came through the beauty and goodness in the relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes when relationships end;  the children are sometimes used by the mother  to relay the pain that she feels, and use that pain to try to hurt the father. What is happening here is the children are the ones being hurt; as a result, emotionally confused and damaged, more so than the father. 

If you loved the father enough to bare his children, why try to turn his children against him, because the relationship didn’t work out? Why try to strike him out of their lives and punish the children for the hurt and pain that you feel?

“No matter what has happens , between you and him, don’t use the kids to turn your hurt on him.” 

Music, art, and creativity, are used in many cases to express real experiences.  Relationships can be beautiful and also sometimes painful. Forgiveness is key no matter where you are in life, and what you feel from your broken relationships.

 One of the missions  of Michael Bates is to continue to support music arts and creativity as a means of joy, healing, and being more socially connected through expressions for all, especially our children. Music over the years, has been therapy, healing, and expression, for Michael Bates.

 So many of the most profound, and impacting works of art, have been born of the human experiences that God has given us the ability to feel and experience.  We can go down the list of all human emotions known by mankind, and these emotions connect with some type of expression though out history. Our senses have the ability to connect with music and art and enhance our spirit and life. If you can pay attention, learn and appreciate, the diverse means of expression, you will know and understand more about humanity, and yourself. 

I see all kinds of relationship suffering, from parents and kids, to siblings, to love relationships, the way you deal with the ups and downs should still reflect the things that are in your heart. “ You say you love God, so teach the children; to love their own earthly father too.”  Michael Bates

Regardless of what may have happened, who has done the wrong, or been wronged,  you must “ forgive yourself, and forgive him, as God forgave us all” . To heal, to move forward, to have joy, and experience the love, true connection, and synchronicity that can be developed in a relationship, the baggage from the past, and even past relationships has to be dealt with.  

Teach the Children by Michael Bates comes from personal experiences; as well as, what he has learned through conversations with men, and observations. “Let the father love his children, they will create a more loving side of him, toward them; even if not toward you. “ Your pain inside will go away with love:  Teach The Children, to Love the Father. 

If the father has truly turned out to be a bad and toxic father,  you and the kids, still teach the children in a loving way to understand the situation, and still love and forgive him in his faults, sins, and shortcomings. Teach The Children to Love The Father.

Teach The Children

The single “ Call It A Night” Came about as Michael Bates and DeHolley were working on the latest DeHolley release “ Remember Me” After working through vocals and melodies for Remember Me, DeHolley goes through his painstaking self critiquing process,listening over and over, trying to always improve to his version of perfection. 

 During this process;  Michael Bates was attempting to have some downtime,( an unrealistic expectation since the time set aside for recording was short, there was really no  down time.)  Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but during this time of no rest for the weary, these are often times Bates gets his crazy ideas, beats, and bass lines in his head.

As a result a side project came about that ended up being “Call It A Night.” An unplanned kinda thing, basically to relieve the tension of the  recording process. So Michael Bates had this idea of how smart phones, internet, distant jobs, and being on the road fit into today's relationships. It can be a strain on a relationship, if you can’t hang though, get out the right way. 

 Because art and reality are intertwined, and most of what comes out when creating is based on experiences, it was easy for Michael Bates to come up with a lyrical content to go along with the beat and bass line floating around in his head.  Michael used the ARIA P BASS, Yahama Keyboard, trumpet from 1978, The ARIA 615-TL Telecaster style guitar, as core instruments. 

Though working together musically for decades, Michael Bates & DeHolley haven’t actually had vocals on a song together since 1984. DeHolley breaks his self revue process and gets on the mic to add to the unfolding story of a man away from home, working, doing his all to support his woman and his home financially, but there is a price to pay for being away.

 She is there alone, holding on and holding things down, until one day she decides to use lies and deception to leave the relationship, rather than being honest and true about what she was going through. “ You said,  I can’t wait for you to get home, day by day, can’t stand this being alone. You working hard I know it’s true, but when you get home, gonna take good care of you.”

She was lying.  She couldn’t wait for him to get home. Her bag is packed with no word to him at all after calling him numerous times each day. She tells him noting of her intentions.  He finds out when she never shows up to pick him up from the airport- O’Hare. “ Number disconnected, but I know I paid the bill.” 

She is heading right toward another brother who has pulled her into another similar situation, but much worse this time. “ Long distance relationship like having one long day, let’s just call it a night.” Forever 

On the musical side of being kind of a “Funky” Side project, we decided to pay tribute,  and respect the days and the influence of Funk. Days of no facetime, spacetime, but real time and real music. 

Let us know if this situation sounds familiar, if you can relate, or if you just like “FUNK”
Thanks for your support!

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